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  • training professionals: your multilingual SCORM videos
  • SMEs, ETIs, major accounts: a one-stop shop for training, communication and international prospecting.
  • public and private organizations: accessibility for all
  • NGOs and associations: online, collaborative and secure subtitling

MEDIAWEN provides a complete software suite to meet your accessibility and multilingual video broadcasting needs.

Our online collaborative solutions are secure and scalable. They cover the entire processing chain of your video content, from human resources to marketing, and from communication to your presence on social networks. We provide your teams with a “one-stop shop” that can be customized and adapted to your objectives, your specificities and your means.

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Video is the most effective medium in distance learning. With MEDIAWEN tools, your videos are brought up to SCORM / XAPI standards for optimal integration into your training path and the follow-up of your learners on your e-learning platform (LMS). Your videos become accessible to everyone in their own language, integrating your employees with hearing impairments or other disabilities (illiteracy, dyslexia). Your audiences are informed, tested and learn in conditions similar to face-to-face training. The secure online platform MW·HUB is your one-stop-shop for filing, transcribing, translating, subtitling and exporting your content.

With MW·PLAY, you can also integrate into your LMS a multilingual streaming video broadcast with our secure, dynamic and customizable player.

Do you produce a large amount of training content? Do you want to rationalise and industrialise your processes?

By integrating MW·API into your work platform, you benefit from all the technological advances of MEDIAWEN in your environment. We guarantee you personalised support, confidentiality of exchanges and optimal security of your data.


In just a few years, video has become the majority medium for external and internal communication. Video is used to promote, explain, train, maintain or raise public awareness. Designed internally or by professionals, this medium enriches your messages, creates support and facilitates understanding. To meet objectives of accessibility and internationalisation, subtitling your videos becomes the rule rather than the exception. Today, 80% of social network users watch videos without sound. An efficient and optimal distribution of your video messages is achieved by systematically subtitling them on all your distribution channels.

With the collaborative and secure online platform MW·HUB, you manage the subtitling and encoding of your videos in one or more languages in a simple, fast and efficient way. The tasks of transcribing, translating and editing subtitles are accelerated thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Team management is simple and intuitive.

The editor makes it easy to customize your subtitles: font, size, position in the image, number of characters per line, number of lines, etc. The encoding engine exports your videos in the desired format (s) with the subtitles embedded by language: Full HD, 4K, 8K, square format, etc.

One-stop-shop for subtitling and video post-production, MW·HUB reduces the risk of human error, optimizes the processing chain for your content and speeds up time-consuming tasks through controlled and pragmatic automation.


Transmitting information within your organization is a mission that has become both extensive and complex. Video is the best solution for circulating and sharing information. The remote working relationships related to the international structure of your organization or to the requirements of the Covid-19 health situation require to increase the volume of information . These exchanges of contents and experiences are made with a media that brings together and remains accessible to everyone in his language. The subtitled and/or dubbed video answers this need.

The secure collaborative platform MW·HUB optimizes the multilingual localization and accessibility of your videos for everyone according to their language and disability. Whatever the language of origin of your videos, MW·HUB speeds up their transcription and translation. It optimizes the stages of correction, validation and export of your media in several languages thanks to a unique, intuitive and customizable interface. The platform is accessible by your teams with strictly controlled access rights. You are in control of your content and your teams. You stay informed in real time of the progress of the work in progress.