• Collaborative and secure platform for multilingual subtitling and dubbing
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Autonomous management of teams, tasks and access rights
  • Ergonomic and intuitive subtitle and dubbing editors
  • File transfer without size limit via your browser
  • Voice Recognition (TWU)
  • Automated Translation Support (MT)
  • Transcoding with subtitles: Full HD, 4K, 8K, square format, etc.
  • Pay-per-use
  • Possibility of integration into a gray or white label

MW·HUB is a collaborative and secure solution that allows you to perform all the tasks required to transcribe, translate and subtitle your videos in any language. You use it with your teams and/or with the language partners of the MEDIAWEN ecosystem.

Entirely developed by MEDIAWEN, this platform meets the most demanding data security criteria. It complies with RGPD regulations.

From your workstation, you manage the constitution of your team by assigning specific rights to each member:

  • drop off a video,
  • rename a file
  • assign a task,
  • transcribe,
  • Translate,
  • encoding,
  • define the working languages,
  • export a file with the subtitles embedded,
  • and so on

To facilitate collaborative work while maintaining optimal security, these rights are modular and “granularized”.

If you are a translation agency or subtitling company, you can also invite your clients to validate your service online. By integrating the editor into your site, you offer your clients a seamless and secure experience. Fewer round trips, less risk of errors, more efficiency and speed: that’s what makes MW·HUB so successful.

For companies and especially training managers, MW·HUB improves your organization and your processes by inviting your service providers - content producers, translators, broadcasters - on a single platform, a one-stop shop. Moreover, MW·HUB allows you to export your videos to the SCORM standard and to broadcast them immediately on your e-learning platform (LMS).

The adoption of this platform does not require specific training. The user interfaces are ergonomic and intuitive, with visual and fluid navigation. In 30 minutes, your teams are ready to work. Tutorials accompany them. The MW·HUB pricing is per use, depending on the duration of your videos and the number of languages in which you process them. No hidden costs or fixed fees based on the number of users. You only pay for what you use.