• Automatic synchronization and re-synchronization of subtitles on a video
  • Automatic generation of subtitles and time codes from a text transcription
  • Available in European languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, etc.
  • Integration in progress: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic
  • File formats to be provided: pdf, docx, doc, txt, odt, xml, etc.
  • Fully customizable subtitling: number of characters per line, number of lines, minimum and maximum duration of a subtitle, automatic detection of changes in plan.
  • Customized analyzers to select specific data to be extracted and synchronized (e.g. extract data from the 3rd column of an excel table)
  • Real-time subtitle alignment based on the MEDIAWEN neural network

More and more videos are being produced around the world and within organizations. They circulate in all directions with their associated multilingual subtitling files. They are reworked according to the distribution channels, screens and uses. A credits is added, a shot is removed, and all the subtitling files are out of sync. MW·SYNC provides an automated, fast and simple response to be put into production.

Before going into the recording studio, dubbing companies have many steps to go through in preparing their files. MW·SYNC provides precise help to speed up processing times and automate the time-consuming part of manually preparing your work files.

MW·SYNC allows you to :

  • automatically resynchronize a subtitle file associated with a video,
  • automatically generate subtitling and time code generation when a video file is accompanied by a text transcript
  • optimize the preparation of your files for translation and dubbing in the studio with lip-sync

MW·SYNC is in production in the European languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, etc. The extension of MW·SYNC to some Asian languages that have neither punctuation nor spaces is in R&D to automatically generate the right hyphenation.

MW·SYNC allows you to customize and adjust the subtitle to your specifications:

  • number of characters per line,
  • number of subtitle lines,
  • minimum length of a subtitle,
  • maximum duration of a subtitle,
  • number of frames between two subtitles,
  • plan change identification
  • and so on

The files are delivered in the format you want:

  • subtitle file: srt, scc, stl, etc,
  • video file with the subtitles embedded, in the font, size and color of your choice,
  • other formats: Excel file, PDF, etc.