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MediaWen in a nutshell

Cloud-based video services platform

MediaWen designs cloud-based proprietary and secure APIs and SaaS/PaaS platforms, as well as tools for localizing video content: closed captioning for the hearing impaired, multilingual captioning and automatic dubbing for the web, and mobile telephony and television.



MediaWen designs and develops APIs, secure SaaS/PaaS platforms and proprietary tools based in the cloud or deployed on site, to best meet your needs for accessibility, multilingual processing and delivery of your audio and video content.

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How it works

Machine learning

An offer designed to meet each of your needs

MediaWen’s SaaS platforms, APIs and tools rely on neural networks and automatic learning to find the best fit for your needs, to continuously improve performance and deliver customized solutions while protecting your data.

  • Subtitling for the hearing-impaired
    • Integration of Automatic Text to Voice Conversion (STT) APIs
    • Automatic subtitle alignment
    • Secure, customizable online editor
    • Productivity gains and faster processing times
    • Automation of quality controls
    • VOD and real-time processing
    • Video transcoding with built-in subtitles
  • Multilingual Subtitling
    • Integration of Machine Translation (MT) APIs
    • Secure, customizable online “universal” multilingual editor
    • Automatic subtitle alignment
    • Semi-automated translations, specialist fields, corpus management
    • A Productivity gains and faster processing times t
    • VOD and near real-time processing
    • Video transcoding with built-in subtitles
    • Accessibility: all languages
  • Transcoding
    • Automated and customizable processing
    • Export formats: full HD, 4K, 8K, etc.
    • Subtitle integration
    • Voice over dubbing option
    • SCORM and XAPI standard for e-learning
  • Metadata
    • Fully automated analysis
    • Sources analyzed: video, audio, call centers
    • Applications: search engines, conversation analysis (NLP)
    • Conversation analysis
  • Automatic Dubbing
    • Integration of Text-to-Speech (TTS) APIs
    • Generation of multilingual male/female dubbing with localized accents
    • Customizable and secure online audio editor
    • Video transcoding with automated dubbing
    • SSML compatibility, phonetic editor
    • Productivity gains, faster processing times, competitive pricing
    • Accessibility: sight-impaired and illiterate people
  • Video chatbot
    • Secure, customizable online dialogue editor
    • Multilingual player with integrated speech recognition
    • Complex, non-linear conversation management
    • Applications : media, broadcast, gaming, e-learning, health, etc