MEDIAWEN.HUB is the ultimate solution for all your video localization needs.

This innovative translation management system offers a comprehensive range of services, including transcription, translation, all in one collaborative online convenient platform. With MW.HUB, you can streamline your localization process and achieve professional results with ease.

Why choosing

The only tool you need to heighten the global reach of your content

  • Online collaboration for optimal results
  • Advanced AI technology for enhanced speed and accuracy
  • Integration with existing systems for a seamless workflow
  • A cost-effective and time-saving solution
  • Guaranteed data security and privacy.
  • Highly customizable


Speech-To-Text AI to assist users in 80+ languages

Intuitive and secure subtitle editor

Built-in video player developed by us


Machine Translation AI to assist users in 80+ languages

Highly customizable editor designed for multilingual use

Algorithm to sync subtitle files when upload


Fully online collaborative platform

Different access right options to assign roles or ensure confidentiality

Easy to edit, validate, and verify by you and your clients


Contact us for customizations such as:

Template and subtitle format export for large quantity

Automatic Voice-over and dubbing

Font, color, animation insertions, and more.