• translation agencies: speed up and optimise the multilingual processing of your videos,
  • subtitling and dubbing companies: increase your productivity with Artificial Intelligence,
  • post-producers: industrialize your multilingual inserts and multi-format skins,

Transcribing, translating, managing international teams, dubbing, animating texts, dressing videos and exporting them in several languages and several formats: MEDIAWEN supports the digitisation and transformation of localisation professionals with secure, scalable and modular solutions.

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We provide expertise and pragmatic responses to the needs of a rapidly changing sector.

By using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in a precise and reasoned manner, we invite localization professionals to adapt their methods , optimize their businesses and extend their offers to meet the multiple and new needs of their customers. The complete and secure software offer is modular, easily integrated into your architecture. It is quickly adopted by your teams to increase efficiency and reduce your processing costs.


MEDIAWEN provides localization professionals with tools and/or a secure collaborative platform to accelerate by more than 60% the transcription and subtitle generation time of video and audio files.

With MW·BENCH, we offer a comparator of the different voice recognition engines. This solution guarantees the selection and integration of the objectively most efficient offer to meet your needs. Entirely developed by our teams, the hyphenation and synchronization algorithm MW·SYNC optimizes the generation of subtitles by respecting your specifications: number of lines, number of characters per line, minimum duration of a subtitle, number of images between two subtitles, identification of changes in shots, identification of speakers.

Finally, MW·HUB provides your teams with the transcription subtitle editor to make manual corrections before publication. This secure editor is online. Ergonomic and intuitive, it does not require any special training. All these solutions are also accessible via MW·API if you wish to integrate them within your architecture and processes.

Our teams are at your disposal to assist you in the selection and integration of these modules.


To translate your videos, recordings and texts with the help of automated translation, we provide you with MW·BENCH, a comparison of translation engines allowing you to select the best one for your language pairs. Developed in-house, the MW·SYNC solution accelerates and optimizes the generation of subtitles and their alignment according to your customers’ specifications.

Your teams correct and adapt the translations on MW·HUB’s multilingual subtitle editor. And your clients validate your work online on the same editor, a one-stop shop that can be integrated into your site for a secure and “seamless” experience.


The quality of synthetic voices continues to improve. Today, their quality makes it possible to use them to dub tutorials, promotional videos, information and awareness campaigns. The MW·VOX solution allows you to choose the most attractive voices, to associate several voices within the same video and also to select voices with regional accents, such as French from Canada or English spoken in India. With this range of portfolios and variety of choices, you are closer to your audiences and audiences. Dubbing also extends the accessibility of your videos to visually impaired or illiterate audiences.

At MEDIAWEN, we believe that today a person who cannot or cannot read can learn and acquire new skills through video. As long as it is spoken in their language, as close as possible to their accent. This is what we propose.