A success story for e-learning with ocean skills

Ocean Skills is an online learning platform and a longstanding partner of Mediawen. As a valued partner, they exemplify how businesses achieve their goals in localized video content. This achievement is made possible through the support of a competent tech partner in localization, such as Mediawen.

The journey began with Franck Tami, the CEO and founder of Ocean Skills. He shared a vision to develop an e-learning course on sailing and navigation with Mediawen’s CEO, Erwan de Kerautem. Franck envisioned a comprehensive course for a global audience, making localization and accessibility a priority from the outset. According to Franck, "After covering the French-speaking market, we aimed to enter the English-speaking market in Canada, which is both French and English-speaking. Hence, quick and cost-effective access to our resources in English was crucial."

The vision faced challenges:

  • How to transcribe, translate, post-edit, and dub 300+ domain-specific videos from French into several languages?
  • How to do it on a controlled budget?
  • How to do it in a time-effective manner?


Ocean Skills had filmed an extensive program, covering over 300 videos on various aspects of sailing and motor boating in French. To make this content accessible to a broader audience, the course had to undergo several localization steps. Each posed potential difficulties in finding suitable solutions.

Traditional solutions could be costly. For instance, manual translation, given the specialized vocabulary, would cost 50 euros/minute. Multiply that across transcription, translation, post-production, and voice-over, and the cost per video could escalate to hundreds of euros per video. The process of localization and making video content more accessible still comes with a high costs and complications. Each stage of the process is time-consuming. This includes finding a credible company, project progression, and quality checks. However. in today’s online space, having these features is the key to staying on top of the competitors and capturing the attention of the audience.

Here is where Mediawen brings its extensive experience to the table, offering an all-in-one platform for audiovisual localization called MEDIAWEN·HUB.

MEDIAWEN·HUB streamlines the video localization process by combining transcription, translation, post-production, and automatic dubbing into one platform. It's not only inclusive, it's also collaborative. Teams can operate in separate spaces (assets), where managers monitor projects, members work simultaneously, and clients track progress or check quality.

Mediawen also offers a service where it collaborates with trusted Language Service Providers (LSPs) to handle a client's project from start to finish. This symbiotic relationship, built on trust over the years, allows clients to deposit their projects with Mediawen. This creates more work opportunities for professionals.

Both options share the goal of making audiovisual localization easier, faster, and more affordable. Ocean Skills chose the first option, with Mediawen accompanying them from video post-editing through all localization processes.

The results :

  • MEDIAWEN·HUB saves time by optimizing workflow and integrating Al-assisting features.
  • lt is an online collaborative platform, that provides flexibility.
  • Each step is simplified with A.I. tools such as Speech-to-Text, Machine Translation, and Text-to-Speech.
  • MEDIAWEN·HUB saves budget by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows.
  • The platform incorporates a glossary for specific vocabulary, cutting costs for specialized content
Average price range of high-volume European languages

As a result, Ocean Skills processed all their courses on MEDIAWEN·HUB.

Franck stated, "We chose to dub our videos with the Mediawen solution, which allows us to generate the scripts in English and have them read by a very realistic synthetic voice."

Collaborations encounter challenges, and Mediawen is responsive to fix issues. This collaboration has led to improvements in tools like the Postprod "What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)" player.

MEDIAWEN·HUB broadens content accessibility for users. It achieves this by transcribing, translating, and dubbing content into many languages. This initiative not only expands reach but also makes content accessible to viewers with visual impairments and literacy challenges.

Ocean Skills is expanding to English-speaking audiences. This marks the beginning of scaling efforts to reach audiences worldwide. They did so in an easy, fast, and affordable manner with Mediawen.